“Selling Customer Engagement” By Lisa Terry — 2014.11


“Step 1: Marketing Campaigns & Customer Databases. Define your brand. Define the customer experience. 
Step 2: Leverage the Entire Purchase Path.  Engaging the customer happens both on and off site. Optimal customer engagement is a coordinated experience before, during, and after a customer visit, whether in person or virtual.  “The best way to engage consumers is through cross-platform projects,” 
Step 3: Layer in the Right Technologies
3.1 Digital Signage. The cost of digital signage has come down 40% to 50% since its debut and today’s automation tools and content services
3.2 Beacons. Large businesses are beginning to adopt beacons to engage shoppers in designated areas. For example, displays can be triggered to react when shoppers who have opted in to the app are within close proximity. Beacons offer a low barrier to entry, low cost, and the opportunity for solution providers to charge for installation and ongoing services, and work best when tied into overall marketing strategies. The data beacons generate can also help optimize store layouts and customer experience, says Zebra’s D’Alessio.
3.3 Wallets. “All eyes are on Apple as Apple Pay becomes functional at 220,000+ locations and likely becomes the tipping point for mobile payment,” says Bob Leonard, CEO of iMobile3 (imobile3.com), which helped develop the Apple Pay SDK. The real juice behind wallets is the tie-in to loyalty and marketing applications. iMobile3’s PassMarket, for example, currently enables mobile commerce plus order ahead, loyalty, offers, e-gift cards, social media, and in-app messaging.
4. Emerging Tech: Elo’s Nicewick says RFID tags will be the next beacons, once prices get low enough to justify tagging every product. Then the product itself can deliver useful sell copy to nearby electronic devices such as tablets, phones or cart-mounted screens.”


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