“The Wearable Future” PWC Research on the market, technology and customers

Excellent Source on market and technology view of wearables

I. Executive Summary II. Setting the Stage: Two Worlds of Wearables III. Wearables at a Crossroad IV. Research Methodology V. A Snapshot of the Wearable Future VI. Where Wearables Stand Today VII. The Business of Wearables • The Brand Advantage • Advertising and Content Implications • Wearables in the Entertainment, Media & Communications Industries • Wearables in Retail • Wearables in Healthcare • Wearables in Technology VIII. Consumers and Wearables • Ambivalence: Future Excitement, But Today Fails to Wow • Driving Adoption • What’s Appealing/What’s Not • Wearable Primacy, Data Consistency and Tuning • Addressing Unmet Needs: The Real Opportunity for Wearables and Brands • Navigating Concerns • Who Wants What Out of a Wearable? – A Look at Millennial Preferences – A Look at Parents Preferences IX. What’s Next for Wearables? • How Enterprise Can Prepare For The Future



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