“Digital Medicine? High-Tech Health Care On the Way” – NBC News

One key way of doing this is by tracking diseases digitally. Patients have been able to monitor their blood pressure or blood-sugar levels at home for some time –- now, this data can be automatically synced to smartphones and doctors’ databases. Glooko, for instance, is an app which allows users with diabetes to download their blood glucose readings to their smartphones, and share them with their health care team.

Technology can also help with some psychological conditions, according to Peter Hames, co-founder of Sleepio. His company provides an online program that he says is clinically proven to help people sleep without pills. 

“We can take and track data to produce highly personalised behavioral medical programs. These are usually delivered by a person and are fundamentally unscalable and unstandardized,” he said. “Our program mimics all the best qualities of drugs: it’s scalable, affordable, evidence-based and standardized.”



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