RFID technology can change the fan experience for the better | Sporting News


“RFID is all about reducing friction,” Johnston said. “As a fan, you register for a bracelet (or get one pre-registered), and you don’t have to enter any more personal data as you experience the event. You are “unchained” and free to live in the moment, without constantly filling out forms, showing tickets. This freedom from friction is where the value for fans is most obvious — and value for fans is value for brands.”

The advantages are also massive for employees of these events and teams. One of the best features of RFID technology is its real-time nature, allowing users to be tracked and monitored once they register and start using the technology. This is a huge opportunity for data capture for the business side of events and sports.”

What is the future of RFID technology in sports and entertainment? According to Johnston, it is combining RFID with other emerging technologies to continue to increase the game day experience for fans as well as the amount of information available to brands, marketers and sellers.

“We’re headed towards technology like RFID combining with the power of smartphones to serve as your gateway to the sporting event,” Johnston said. “Unite RFID with other technologies – like beacons – with the volume of fan data captured, and the ability to micro-target fans, could be a powerful platform for brands or sports leagues. The brand connection becomes that much more powerful and personal.”


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