Why Wearables are Loudly Knocking on the Doctor s Door

As providers begin to collect and analyze data on both sick and healthy patients, they will change the patient experience. No longer will care be limited to ephemeral interactions, but instead, it will expand. As clinicians harness data about everything from steps to eating habits, they will grow to understand patients’ behaviors and discover effective methods for preventive care. Patients are willing to share this data, as we saw in the same Salesforce survey that showed 63 percent of millennials were interested in proactively providing their health data from Wi-Fi/wearable devices to their providers to monitor their well-being.

Healthcare providers who invest in data science and mobile, social and cloud technologies better understand and build relationships with patients–and will stay ahead in the wearable revolution. Furthermore, they should invest in this future because the patient that actively participates as a “connected patient” provides the highest value to a health system through giving providers access to data, more effective relationships, and cost savings opportunities for preventive care.”



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