Cisco CEO John Chambers: American Health Care Is At A Tipping Point

“The first thing that will happen is all devices on our bodies, in hospitals and in our homes will be connected,” he said. “The second technological advance is video, which is the way people will prefer to communicate in the future. Video can connect any health care professional to any patient and to any specialist, all at tremendous speeds. You’ll be able to receive medical expertise 24/7. Health care applications will combine the technologies of cloud and big data, whether in the hospital or in your home. Video allows a different level of collaboration, and it offers security and privacy from your home. This is the Internet of Everything.””

“In health care today, we have more information than we know how to use.  But the era of consumerism in health care is coming. How information is made available will change. In the future, patients, not providers, will drive health care decisions, including whether the care they receive is in-person or virtual.  The health care system will experience bumps along the road getting from here to there. And we should all expect the unexpected twists and turns that will come.”


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