Everyone will be talking patient engagement but who knows what it means – Shahid Shah


 “The most important facets I’ll be looking at are:

  • Personal vs. Institutional – is the engagement being initiated on behalf of the patient (personal) or on behalf of the institution? If it’s institutional are the patients’ goals and desires being appropriately accommodated?
  • Institutional vs. Enterprise – will a single institution manage the engagement on their own or will one or more institutions work together to as a group to manage it?
  • Active vs. Passive – active means the patient supposed to be doing the engagement by taking some action or doing some interaction with a device or tool. Passive means they can be using wearables or their data is used in other ways to behind the scenes to ensure engagement. It’s best to be passive but sometimes active is necessary so how will the solution accommodate both?
  • Demography – will patient gender, age, and other demographics be taken into account to ensure the right level of engagement functionality is present?
  • Geography – will geographic engagement based on targeted localization be available as part of the engagement? Can local retail pharmacies and similar organizations be integrated into the engagement?
  • Conditions – will the engagement be disease- or patient-condition specific? Will the solutions know that a patient has been recently diagnosed with some ailment or that they are managing a chronic condition?
  • Procedures and Therapies – will the engagement tools understand whether a patient is being treated for specific conditions or that some therapies have been prescribed (medication or otherwise)?”



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