For technology to have big impact on healthcare, care programs need to be reinvented as technology alone cannot improve outcomes and reduce costs.

“You can create a great piece of technology, but in order for it to work you need the doctor, the nurses, the institution and the patient who will agree to use it, Hughes said. “It has to be designed around their requirements and their needs, which aren’t all the same. At Philips it’s not about just the technology. It’s about sensible deployment and customization of technology to fit a particular care program or fit the particular care provider’s needs or the particular patient’s requirement.”

“Once care moves to the home, data and connectivity [will be] the glue that will help the physicians gather the insights, the longitudinal view of the patient,” he explains. But technology alone won’t improve outcomes. For that to happen, designing new care programs that leverage new, connected devices is key.”

In other words, the “delivery mechanism has to be rethought and re-engineered as well as the technology that you deploy.”


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