“10 startups that are disrupting healthcare IT” – CIO Magazine

  • “Project io: take the guesswork out of fitting prosthetics. By scanning the patient’s residual limb and complementary limb with an app named Anaken, amputees can ensure a better fitting prosthetic on the first try. Part of Project io’s goal is to help trauma victims have easy and affordable access to well-fitting prosthetics with equipment they most likely already own, such as a smartphone or tablet.”
  • Oscar Health: “make health insurance easier to understand for everyone. “
  • MediSafe: “offers an app that lets you, or a loved one, track the medications you take. It will alert you when it’s time to take a medication and can track progress over time.”
  • Medwand: “The portable Medwand device can take basic vitals and also includes Bluetooth to connect with other peripheral devices that can deliver glucose readings, weight, exercise habits and more. Medwand hopes to not only keep patients with less serious illnesses out of the waiting room, it also wants to bring quick and simple doctor visits to everyone with one small device.”
  • AdhereTech: “AdhereTech has created a smart wireless pill bottle that can analyze the patient’s usage to see if they miss dosages and then send alerts to the user via their smartphone. “
  • Pager: ” Pager is an app that brings urgent care to your house within two hours, and it’s currently available in New York City. “
  • CrowdMed: “crowdsourcing your diagnosis  “
  • SkinVision: “take a photo of a mole on your skin, archive the photo and compare images over time to see if there are any changes. Its unique algorithm can read the photo of a mole “
  • PillPack: “PillPack sends patients their prescription drugs pre-sorted in easy-to-open dose packs, rather than individual pill bottles”
  • Sherpaa: “Another telemedicine startup”



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