10 Healthcare Technology Disruptors To Watch (All Led By Women)

  • Wellthie: making it easier for consumers and small businesses to explore their health insurance options in a simple way.
  • Naya Health: providing the world’s first smart breast pump
  • Caremerge: evolutionizing care coordination and communication for seniors
  • Humetrix: health risk appraisals, chronic care management software,
  • Cohero Health: developing an Apple Watch app so asthmatics can better track their medication protocol adherence and lung function
  • Force Therapeutics: recovery platform that enables patients and providers to help support post-acute rehab.
  • Flextronics: is a $26 billion a year company with a strong footprint in biotech and 200,000 employees in 30 countries. 
  • Maven Clinic: offers a tele-health platform that creates video appointments with healthcare providers for convenient quality care with a more human experience
  • AbilTo: is a digital behavioral change therapy company that partners with health plans to offer behavioral change therapy programs over the phone and/or by secure video
  • MMJ labs: makes Buzzy, a drug-free, palm-sized needle pain blocker for both adults and children aged 4 and above. Buzzy is FDA cleared to control pain from injections, IVs, phlebotomy and cosmetic injections, as well as for relief of musculoskeletal pain from a variety of conditions.



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