Google Is Now Alphabet, And That Spells Big Things For Healthcare

To Start, Alphabet Will Include Many of Google’s Health Care Ventures
Alphabet will have a strong health care focus initially. For evidence, look no further than Page’s announcement memo, where he touts…
Calico: This biotech company, headed by the former CEO of Genentech, is researching the biology of aging and has already committed hundreds of millions of dollars to a new research facility.

Life Sciences: This wing of Google is working with Novartis to develop smart contact lenses to monitor bodily functions, such as blood sugar levels, via miniscule sensors.
Google Ventures: While Google’s hedge fund invested only 9% of its funds in 2012 and 2013 in health care companies, about 36% of its dollars went toward health care in 2014. As FORBES’s Matthew Herper reported on Monday, the fund just invested in the new CRISPR gene-editing platform, which is intended to enable scientists to easily cut-and-paste DNA.


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